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  5. "It is almost enough."

"It is almost enough."

Translation:Es ist fast genug.

December 24, 2017



Why not "Es ist fast reicht"? What is the difference between Reicht and genug?


"reichen" is a verb, "genug" is an adjective.

You could translate "es reicht" as "it suffices", it's a complete sentence.

With "genug", you need the verb "sein" to make a complete sentence: "es ist genug"

Both would be correct here.

The correct word order would be: "Es reicht fast."


Wha tis the difference between fast and eta?


Wha tis the difference between fast and eta?

Do you mean etwa?

fast means "nearly"

etwa means "around, more or less, approximately"

So one of them focusses on the fact that the number or measurement is less; the other on the fact that it's close (but could be a bit more or a bit less).

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