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"My brother's apartment is in this house."

Translation:Квартира моего брата - в этом доме.

December 24, 2017



Why not "В этом доме квартира моего брата"? I thought location was generally placed first in Russian?


Still not accepted - I've reported it.


Still not accepted - August 2019

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There is no rule for placing location first. It's all about what information you are trying to convey:

Your sentence tells us what's in this building; the suggested translation tells us where my brother's flat is located.


I am talking about neutral word order. I am aware that emphasis can change like that. I was under the impression that placing location first would be the neutral order -- everything else being equal.

In any case, my version is still a possible reading of the English, depending on what the known information is, from what I understand. And without context, we don't know if we have heard of the brother or seen the building before, right?

Thanks for the link!

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You can report your answer if it has not been accepted, but in the absence of any context or vocal stress, your translation is not the one that would come to my mind.
As for the neutral word order, Russian is an SVO (subject-verb-object) language, juts like any other Indo-European language. So all objects, including prepositional objects, most naturally appear after the verb.


Hmm, how can an apartment be in a house?

Maybe it should be в этом здании instead. What do you think?


"Дом" has a broader meaning than that of "house".

Practically any building that is or is resembling a habitable one can be called "дом", especially in a verbal conversation, as Kundoo pointed out.

So, an apartment building is "дом" as much as it is "здание", while a cathedral, a factory or a military installation would be rather "здание" than "дом".

In short, a habitable "здание" is "дом" regardless of its size.


I'm not sure about English, but in Russian using "дом" here is correct, as well as using "здание". In colloquial speech "дом" is even a bit more common.

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It would be much more natural to use "building" rather that "house" in this English sentence. (Once again, I suspect Google Translate: the Russian sentence is fine; the English one is questionable.)


As a Brit, I wasn't surprised, as houses originally for one family are often divided up into flats. Same thing in France and Italy.


I wrote with 'есть' : 'Квартира моего брата есть в этом доме' and it is not accepted.


"квартира брата - в этом доме" is not accepted. I thought the possessive (моего) was not mandatory when talking about family members


Is "братова квартира" an acceptable alternative to "квартира моего брата" ?

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You'll be understood, but that is not proper Russian.
Why it is not proper Russian - I am not sure. E.g. "мамина квартира" or "папина квартира" are perfectly fine, but you cannot use "брат" оr "сестра" in the same manner.

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