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What's the difference between der Fernseher and das Fernsehen?

... Just got through the Communication lesson in German, and am curious. Danke!

December 24, 2017



"Der Fernseher" refers to a physical television set, which is tangible. "Das Fernsehen" refers to the television industry, or the channels you can watch on the TV. For example: "Ich habe einen neuen Fernseher gekauft." = "I bought a new TV set." But, "Was gibt's heute Nacht im Fernsehen?" = "What's on TV tonight?"


Thank you! I really appreciate the second example - it's a pretty good use for Fernsehen, and I was looking for one.


Is Im (in dem) the only way to say it or could auf dem(the more direct english translation work)? thanks


No -- auf dem Fernsehen would sound as silly in German as "on top of the television" would in English.


danke schon :)

The common expression is danke schön! (thank you nicely) and not danke schon (thanks already).

(If you can't type schön, then write schoen.)


Yes I know, it's just that I don't know how to put the umlaut using the computer keyboard. hahaha. but thank you anyway :)


Der Fernseher: the device
Das Fernsehen: what you watch on it


Danke! Appreciate the answer! (p.s. you really read a lot? Sometimes I think I'm an informavore (like a herbivore, but gobble of words and numbers instead of veggies) on a prolonged feeding frenzy!)


Not as much as I used to since I found out that just doing things without reading the manual provides a lot more fun and more or less pleasant surprises ;) I like the term informavore!


Fernsehen is as in "What's on television? -- Sports."

Fernseher is as in "What's on television? -- A vase."


Long time, no see ;)
Merry Christmas!


And to you, too :)


(chuckle) I think I'm going to remember that one!


What a great example :)


Fernsehen = Television = “far+seeing” = the technology of broadcasting moving images over large distance

Fernsehgerät or Fernseher = Televisor = “far seer” = the device that is used for receiving and displaying television images


Danke for the breakdown - that's one I hadn't come across yet (Fern+sehen). I always like to try to break words down if I can, it seems to have a snow-ball effect on my learning.

Re Fernsehgerät, is it possible to break this down like Fern+seh(en)+gerät, where (my limited vocabulary - looking for memory hooks here) I can think of gerät like an appliance or something - something that sees far?


Yes, Gerät is a device or appliance.

(Perhaps more "device"; I wouldn't call a washing machine a Gerät, I think. I'm not sure how to define the word exactly, though.)

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