"The skirt is not bad, but really short!"

Translation:Der Rock ist ganz gut, aber total kurz!

December 24, 2017



How does ganz gut translate to not bad? To me it sounds like totally good, or a more positive comment than 'not bad'.

May 23, 2018


You can't interpret ganz gut literally by combining the meanings of the individual words -- the combination as a whole has an idiomatic meaning something like "ok, but not particularly great".

May 23, 2018


ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

May 23, 2018


Perhaps like our "good enough".

June 21, 2019


So it's sarcastic. Is it always sarcastic?

June 10, 2019


Nicht schlecht means not bad. Ganz gut would be pretty good. Just like other languages sometimes there are set expressions that should be memorized. However, in this exercise nicht schlecht and pretty good are a better fit.

May 30, 2019


isn't sehr a good translation of really?

December 24, 2017


Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, aber sehr kurz = The skirt ist not bad, but very short. Even if I consider the translation 'Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, aber wirklich kurz' as the closest in meaning, 'sehr' (very) as a translation of 'really' should be accepted as a synonym, too.

December 24, 2017


"Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, sondern wirklich kurz" Why is this wrong?

February 20, 2018


    You'd use nicht ... sondern ... when there's a clear contrast or correction about one point. Using aber is just like adding another point, which is not as strongly related to the first point.

    Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, sondern echt toll! = "The skirt is not terrible, but rather really great!" - Here there's a stronger contrast in the two qualities, so sondern works. It's like you're correcting someone who thought it was terrible.

    Der Rock ist nicht lang, sondern total kurz! = "The skirt is not long, but rather extremely short!" - Again, we're contrasting the same quality so sondern also works. It also sounds like a disagreement here.

    Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, aber total kurz! = "The skirt is not bad, but it is very short!" - How good the skirt is, and how short it is, are two different qualities that are not inherently linked (you could have a good long skirt or a bad long skirt, a good short skirt or a bad short skirt). Using aber fits here. It's like you're saying one positive point and one separate negative point, weighing up the decision to buy it.

    March 28, 2018


    I used "wirklich" instead of "total" and was dinged for it. Why doesn't it work?

    January 12, 2018


    I've added it.

    It doesn't sound completely idiomatic to me for some reason, but I suppose it could work.

    ...aber echt kurz would be one better alternative (which was also previously not accepted but now is).

    January 12, 2018


    why can't "sehr kurz" also work?

    May 21, 2019

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    Just how many German words mean "Really"?

    February 25, 2019


    What is the difference between schlimm and schlecht?

    August 6, 2018


    I'd use schlimm most often for abstract events -- es ist nicht schlimm, wenn du zehn Minuten später kommst "it's not a problem if you come ten minutes later".

    If in doubt, use schlecht for "bad".

    August 7, 2018



    August 7, 2018


    "Der Rock ist nicht schlecht, obwohl er echt kurz ist" doesn't work? Means the exact same thing.

    May 18, 2018

    [deactivated user]

      Ganz gut means not bad??

      December 2, 2018


      Sorry, Duo, you are using the word "total" quite wrongly in these exercises. You would never hear a German say "Der Rock ist total kurz". The appropriate words are "ganz", "sehr", "wirklich".

      December 11, 2018


      You would never hear a German say "Der Rock ist total kurz".

      I disagree. (Native German speaker here.)

      Maybe it's a regional or an age thing.

      December 11, 2018


      Sounds like very hip German to me (totally not a native German speaker).

      May 13, 2019


      agreed. Total is an absolutely foreign translation. Ganz, sehr nd wirklich are used in german dictionary.

      June 18, 2019


      Der Rock ist nicht schlecht aber kurz das ist grammatikal richtig eure sentence ist verkehrt

      April 15, 2019


      Du hast das Wort "really" in deiner Übersetzung nicht berücksichtigt.

      April 15, 2019


      Why is "nicht schlecht" wrong as a translation for not bad, yet "ganz gut" is?

      May 6, 2019


      Aber wirklich kurz is correct

      May 30, 2019


      While I'm not a native speaker, I did check some other sources (dictionaries & phrase books). It seems that "ganz gut" is almost consistently equated with "sehr gut" as in the phrase "ein ganz gutes Buch". When used as an adverb as (in this case modifying the adjective "gut") its meaning is given as "völlig, sehr, ausnahmlos, und genau"). "Not bad" in English (unless used sarcastically or ironically) never means "really good" or "quite good". And so by the logic of this translation we can also say that "sehr gut" means not "not bad" which (to me at least) makes no sense.

      It is what it is in Duo. And it is a stand alone sentence that that could be taken as "ironic". But I think it's mistake to say that the English and German phrases are semantically equivalent: "not bad" means adequate but not even "good"; whereas "very good" obviously means better than "good".

      June 26, 2019
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