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Dialects and Other Corrected Solutions


I've just translated "Rojo y azul son colores." to "Red and blue are colours." And at the bottom of the page it says "Another correct solution: Red and blue are colors."

Although this is correct, it is equally annoying. I'm happy to see boys and children be suggested but these colours and colors and just a tad annoying.

Can you make it so that if the "Another Correct Solution" matches my Correct Solutions in terms of meaning exactly, not to show it. Or something like that :)

Thanks -Paul

March 17, 2013



Duo markets to the entire world. Colors and colours are acceptable in different parts of the English speaking world, as are many other words.

Duo is free. How much would you pay to have a programmer 'fix' this? I don't think your being a "tad" annoyed is worthy of Duo's programming efforts.


You get "Another Correct Solution" if you use British English, but if you use American English you don't get British English alternatives. It feels like the program is telling you that although British is correct, American would be better. And in some cases the alternative answer can be confusing. "Pants" and "Trousers" don't have the same meaning in the UK.


'Pants' and 'Trousers' mean the same thing in most of North England.


To me (in North Lincolnshire), Pants are underwear, like boxers if you will. And trousers are, well trousers or socks for your legs if you will again.


I just accept that the English here is a US sort of English. There are some odd phrases which we would never say in England. Such as "Pretty Sweet" (which makes me cringe). {Perhaps there will also be "Swell" later on..?} Also, some of the translations sound a bit dodgy.

But it's a brilliant site/program and (just wow!) it's free!


Yeah, it tends to be regional. The Spanish on this site is very Mexican, not a single mention of Vosotros or Voseo, big parts of the language in some parts of the world.


The Spanish confuses me sometimes, especially with pronunciation. Sometimes the double L is pronounced as an English J and sometimes and an English Y :(

I really would like to know how to conjugate things into vosotros and use it correctly, and alas have never seen it! :(

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