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When will Skills Levels be availiable for everyone?

I lost motivation to use Duolingo, and was hoping I could regain it by the Skill Levels feature, only it is not availiable for me.

December 24, 2017



It usually takes time for all accounts to be updated, up to a month or two. Still, could you please tell me a little more about that feature you're waiting for? How will it work?


Check out the official announcement on the Discussion page: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588

I've tried it and can tell you it is excellent. It gets you to a higher level of language without stress. Just know that you don't have to earn all 5 crowns at once. You can leave the skill and return whenever you like for more complex sentences, exercises etc.


SO JEALOUS to be honest lol I can't wait.


Holy Levels! I waaaaaaaaant it!! >:D!!!!


The official announcement says "early next year" (meaning 2018) "https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588"


The long thread said hopefully March. If things go according to plan, which from my experience rarely happens.

My guess is expect it at the end of May, and if it shows up early you can be pleasantly surprised. Unless you are looking for an Asian language, then near the end of 2018.


They're somewhat new so only half of Duolingo users will have them since it's currently an A/B test. However if it is successful it will eventually be released to all. The question is when, and nobody here knows the answer.

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