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Starting to learn Japanese!

Hello everyone! I've decided to start learning Japanese today, as I finally realized that Japanese is available (albeit in Beta).

If you could share some tips you use for remembering Hiragana, please share them with me; I'm having a difficult time trying to remember all of them as I've breezed through the first five lessons while relying on sounds (though I've got "ni" and "i" pretty down pat).

Thanks! :D

December 24, 2017



Just practice. I’ve found Tiny cards and the link below the most helpful tools so far for learning syllabary.



you helped me so much I can't really express it


Hiragana was easy for me. I simply played web games. Katakana, same. Kanji is the hardest for me. I recently started my progress over with Japanese. The same method I used for Danish, I'm gonna use for Japanese as well. Pretty much, it's repetition. Find a method that works for you and stick to it. For me, it was web games as mentioned already.


This is exactly how I memorized Japanese as well as other languages; Repetition. Hiragana and Kanji were easy, but Katakana was kind of difficult for me.

And I too, played some web games as my method of practice, lol


Flash cards were a huge help to me. Try to think about how you learned the alphabet as a kid and try to copy those techniques. You'll get there, I promise. Just stick with it! がんばってください!


I learned Hiragana (and Katakana) through the app Human Japanese, which has a free version available teaching Hiragana and a little Katakana before you have to pay for the rest. It's pretty good for beginners of the language, especially since you don't have to pay before you see if you actually are willing to dedicate your time learning Japanese. Also, before I downloaded Human Japanese, I had gone on YouTube to find a Japanese video to translate despite me not knowing any Hiragana. I would look up charts on the internet and find which Hiragana character fit best, and surprisingly, just writing them down helped me remember them.

This stuff below doesn't really have to do with Hiragana, just learning Japanese in general. ((Another thing that I'm sure you must know--don't use Google Translate. I used it a lot and it can be useful for understanding things in Japanese that you want to know the rough meaning of without any help from native speakers, but overall relying on it will worsen your abilities and make weird sounding sentences. I sometimes use it on my phone to write out kanji that I don't know the reading for, but there is a great dictionary out there known as jisho.org in which would help you a million times more with understanding things, and you can also write out characters that it can recognize decently well.))

Anyways, good luck! Don't get discouraged if you can't understand things even within months--I'm a pretty hardcore learner of Japanese and I can't even understand mildly uncommon sentences after a whole year of studying. 頑張って! (Ganbatte/Do your best!)


Hello and welcome you


Are you looking for a study buddy? I would really like someone to study with!


I started with Hiragana with this YouTube video from Japanesepod101, : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p9Il_j0zjc

Within a day of so, I had most of the characters, thanks to the video's mnemonics. I then worked through their Katagana video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6DKRgtVLGA



And figured I'd try this course, now that I can slowly read those two syllabaries. There are a lot of sites that provide Japanese training, so I work a little here, and when I get confused, I go out to other places....like:



http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/EM/ (Main Page)

http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/EM/EMJA/EMJA002.HTM (Phrase Book)

http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/_VOCAB/EM/EMJA/EMJA.HTM (Vocabulary Lists)




I'm catching onto Hirigana pretty quick but I'm struggling with pronunciation any tips?

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