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Hindi at 80%!


The Hindi team, after taking a short and deserved break, made a lot of progress and is now at 80%!


Awesome work, Team Hindi!



December 24, 2017



It's a dream. Duolingo doesn't have Thai, which makes me extremely sad. So I photoshopped an image to make it look like I was level 25 in Thai. It looks kind of weird.


This is great.

This course should be completed by the time I have finished the Mandarin tree and am at level 25. I can focus on reporting problems with Mandarin and help the Beta course move towards graduating. Also, I should be finished last 10 lessons in Japanese and have completed that tree also.

If I am lucky, I will be starting the Hindi tree with Japanese and Mandarin completed so I just have to maintain my gold trees and I will be able to focus on Hindi!

3/4 languages I want to learn will be on Duolingo. So hyped.

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