"Je rêve des animaux."

Translation:I am dreaming about the animals.

March 17, 2013

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I put "I dream about animals" and lost a heart. What would be the French translation of "I dream about animals," "Je reve d'animaux?"


Yes, that is right.

"je rêve des animaux": "des" is the contraction of de-les (of the) and if French verb rêver is constructed with preposition "de" whereas in English, the preposition is "about".


Thank you! that helps immensely.


thanks for the explanation!


I dream of some animals?


I put "I dream about animals". Pretty much any other time on duolingo when "des" is put in front of a plural noun, you either have to write "...about animals" or "...about some animals". The answer here is "...the animals" which is always expressed by duolingo as "les animaux".

Les = the noun Des= noun, some noun

Or is this a special case?


The case is that of verb "rêver" constructed with preposition "de".

  • je rêve d'un animal (singular) - I dream about an animal
  • je rêve des animaux (plural) - I dream about animals


thanks a lot for your frequent informative comments Sitesurf. Without you I would have been lost among these weird special cases French is so full of many times.


you're welcome!


Ok, so since a general subject is used without an article in english, but requires 'le' or 'la' in French.... "I dream of the animals" translated word for word in French should be semantically translated as "I dream of/about animals" in English. No?


Sitesurf I have a small question in my mind. What if do we want to say "I dream about SOME animals." then what will we do or use to intentionally indicate the word SOME.


je rêve d'animaux = I dream about (some) animals


I wrote "I dream of animals" but I lost a heart for that


Yeah, I did the same and also lost a heart. I believe the correct interpretation has been given by Sitesurf above.


I believe most of learners translate it to : I dream of animals" . Is it really necesary to translate the sentences word by word. Isn't it better to see how they say this sentence in english?

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