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  5. "你爱听西班牙音乐吗?"


Translation:Do you love listening to Spanish music?

December 24, 2017



I think "like" should be acceptable too


again 乐 is pronounced as “lu”?please fix it


Still not fixed five months later!


I still hear it. And it is now the year 2092


I agree that 'to love' in this context could equally be 'enjoy' or 'like/really like'. 'Love' is a transitive verb where the object should be an animate object.


These is a bug, when I click on 乐, the sound I get is "le"


You should be able to drop the "listening to" as that's more natural English and similar variations have been allowed in other phrases


Translation: Do you love listening to Despacito?


I'm not sure but does this mean music from Spain as opposed to music with Spanish words? (You'd probably use 歌 gē for that) but I'm wondering if you need 语 or 话 if you want to talk about Spanish language music, whether from Spain or elsewhere.


The wrong pronounciatipn of 牙 is still not fixed. 24 sept 2018


I also think that "like" is better. 'Love' should be reserved for people and pets; there might be exceptions, but not generally speaking. I know that Americans "love" to use the word "love" for everything as for example when they don't actually know someone but anyway use "love", Honey and similar epithets during a simple conversation about "whatever", without meaning it... of course. That is why I think we should not misuse the word love. Otherwise it will finally not mean anything more than "like". I don't know about Chinese if there is another word for love (ai) which is separated from "like" to make it more explicit that you really love someone and make a differentiation between the two: you like to go to supermarket to buy fruit and you love your children?


??????????????????? Am I in love with spanish music? why do i have to follow this crazy way?


Cant hear all the words Clearly

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