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  5. "쉬는 남자"

"쉬는 남자"

Translation:A resting man

December 24, 2017



Resting man --> not a gerund. Adjective.
Gerund: My favorite activity is resting. GERUND! Not a Gerund: My swimming coach was eaten by a shark. NOT A GERUND! Gerund: Many Koreans enjoy swimming. GERUND! Try better, guys.
I know, I know, it is in beta.
Please reference my email to you about including grammar references in a bibliography page. If you are not using standard references to build this course, you should be. And if you are, you should document them towards the user: give credit where credit is due & improve (and prove) the rigor of the course. Thanks!


슬픈 남자 ㅎㅎㅎ


Indeed. It's a present participle which is a verb used as an adjective whereas a gerund is a verb used as a noun. Often confused because both use the exact same -ing form of verbs.


Burning Man? 불타는 남자?


And to add that most of these are not gerunds, we need to make sure we have native speakers on both sides of the translating process. A resting man while possible is uncommon and actually awkward. It should be and is mostly used as A man resting. EX. A man resting in the park is snoring. correct! A resting man in the park is snoring. AWK and un used. I understand this is beta thanks for starting it. It would be nice if you chose volunteers from both languages that actually speak that language well and have lived in the target language country for more than a summer vacation. Also depending on google translate for all your answer will put you in awkward positions.


I see a reference to Burning man. This is a rare occurrence and is used in place of a name and anybody can make up or say anything as a name. It doesn't mean its common or correct in many of those situations.


I just wanted to make a reference to Burning Man. Considering the huge number of pop culture references made by Duolingo, I'm surprised they didn't use it.

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