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The choice between slow and normal speed have gone

When the German man is speaking, he is rather distinct and now the option for a slow sentence has gone.

December 24, 2017



The keyboard shortcut listed, for me at least, does not work. (It's ctrl + shift + spacebar). You can find a list of shortcuts by hovering over your profile picture and name [located on the blue bar at the top right section of the screen] and then clicking keyboard shortcuts.


I noticed that too. He speaks impossibly fast and slurs his words together. I don't recall this being a problem before. It's incredibly frustrating.


I agree the male voice in particular is harder to understand and has no option to speak slowly. It's annoying.


Yes, it's the same for French (although it may just be that the shortcut keys have changed). The slow audio still plays if I click on it.


Unfortunately, this appears to be a common issue and has been reported numerous times throughout the forum. I have not seen a discussion as to when the problem will be resolved. -mwbrand1


yes he is very hard t understand and the slow option is no longer available


YES! the man's voice needs to slow down ... cannot understand him ... have gotten most of HIS speaking questions wrong ... can't slow him down either ...very annoying

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