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Yiddish from English??

Hello, I am trying to study both German, Russian and Hebrew. I think it would be great if Duolingo added a Yiddish Course as you can learn the Hebrew Alphabet through it, but also not find it too hard and be able to learn it as easy as Deutsch!

Who supports me?

December 24, 2017



They already have this in the incubator, but it's been taking more than 2 years by now, so I doubt it will be out any time soon.


There have been some posts about a Memrise course for Yiddish that might serve while you're waiting. Here is one of them. A Google search for site:duolingo.com Yiddish Memrise found some other posts, too, but they all may be the same course. How's your Russian (some of the links are English, too)? (Learning Yiddish really would be fun! But it's not first on my list yet.)

both German, Russian, and Hebrew ? :P


Yep, it is a long shot, but I can do it))

[deactivated user]

    But it is already in development, has been for a long time.


    There are differences between the Yiddish script and the Hebrew script.

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