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"Noi nu vom tăcea niciodată!"

Translation:We will never be silent!

8 months ago



When I was at school in Devon England, I was taught: I shall, you will, he/she will, we shall, you will, they will. If they were reversed it was to create emphasis: Oh no, I shall drown! (accident) I will drown (I intend to do it and you cannot stop me). The fact that I am a native speaker and did not know this suggests its current usage, or lack of, in modern English. As it is nearly always reduced to "I'll" or "we'll", I don't think it matters what you use. Back to the sentence: we will never be silent/ we shall never be silent - both should really be accepted. Any comments?

8 months ago


Comments? This Canadian has been taught the will/shall rule, too, but only as a peculiarity of textbook grammar that has fallen into disuse. I do not believe that Duolingo insists on it, although on a good day it might accept a first person 'shall.' The Romanian program, however, is struggling with the basic equivalencies. For instance i wrote "We won't ever be quiet" and it was not accepted.

5 months ago