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More duolingo stories!

Can we have a third set of stories, or even make them a permanent feature of duolingo? They are all so extremely entertaining and easy to learn from, even if your fluency level is not that great. I'd love them to be a permanent feature of duolingo!

December 24, 2017



I hope the stories stay, I can't wait to read them.


Not only are they entertaining, but they teach you a lot of spoken French, new words and phrases, etc. Have you memorized them all?


I haven't... but I do remember that "les embouteillages" means traffic :-)


I agree.Duolingo french stories have the pure french tone.They also have the twisting of voice according to the emotional situation as if we are in Opera.I hope Duolingo add 100 french stories more.


I particularly was not used to hearing the informal tones the narrators used, as they are usually not used on duolingo. I thought it was a great change from the regular lessons!


I know it's early days and I've only finished 2 stories but what a great feature. I am thoroughly entertained and learning too. The interactive piece is super smart because I feel engaged in a new way.


i completely agree buddy


It'd be great if they were a permanent feature.

However, making Stories requires money and the resources for the Stories. So for now let's just be content with the two sets we have currently :)


Yes, I realise that, but still here's to hoping that they become more prominent :-)


Permanent? As in they're only temporary? Why on Earth would they think of removing them?

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