It's Christmas Eve, but still no Christmas skill available yet. What's going on?

December 24, 2017


What bothers me is that people ask every single day about it and Duolingo won't make an official statement about what's happening or why. It's unprofessional to ignore such a commonly considered community concern, clearly.

Either remove the third skill option or make an official statement on why the Christmas skill was abandoned this year for the relevant languages.

They have removed the option from newbies...I never had any "open slots" in my relevant trees as described by others. That didn't stop me buying the idiom and flirting skills and they were slotted into the trees. However there is no slot in any tree for Christmas...but I was looking forward to buying it this disappointed. Hoping they may have fixed it for next year.

And just for the record: I'd love to have an Eid, or Diwali, or any other non-Christian festival skill too. Just in case anyone was thinking a Christmas skill was somehow "exclusive". Instead of discussing none of the festivals, why not discuss all of them (subject to resources, I know) so we all get an insight into what it important to others (for we are all "other" to someone!)

It used to be available mid-December to about mid-January.

Last year it was withdrawn, after a couple of days, due to performance problems.

It might be that those problems still exist, and they decided not to release it this year. I would have hoped with the rewrite in Scala that this wouldn't be the case, but perhaps they haven't rewritten the relevant bit yet. Who knows.

However, in the absence of a statement from Duolingo, we have had a lot of children just making stuff up - so I would just ignore any claims of if/when it will be available. Only Duolingo knows, and they haven't said. There is a post from an admin on this discussion. It isn't coming out. The reason is technical issues.

Thanks for the link - nice to see the staff turning up finally!

So it might be gone... That's too bad.

Also, nice streak.

Perhaps not permanently. The rewrite is ongoing, so perhaps it will be available next year.

However, I was suprised that they didn't do a staggered release (if it is performance problems). Just release for a different course every two days, or similar.

i dunno mabey duolingo forgot this year?

They probably didn't forget. Perhaps they discontinued it?

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