"The cow is not wearing a hat!"

Translation:Die Kuh trägt keinen Hut!

December 24, 2017

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When to use Kein, Keine, Keinen....?

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    The form of "kein" matches the gender of the noun "hat" which is masculine and it's the accusative case which makes it "keinen".


    Oh it has to do with gender lol here I thought it was plural or something weird like that


    It's also refers 2 plurals, i guess. 4 example, kein mann vs keinen manner


    I'm also confused about this topic :s


    How do i know when to use kein and keinen. Duolingo hasn't explained this?


    Kein = nicht ein.

    All of the accusative declensions that were taught in the accusative lesson (several lessons ago at this point) apply here, just with a "k" stuck at the beginning.


    What about: „Die Kuh trägt einen Hut nicht.“?


    Same question as the not applies to the verb not the noun, as the cow is not doing something, wearing a hat.


    I don't quite understand what you're saying. Could you elaborate? Thanks :-)


    If the use of kein, keine, or keinen, is to negate a noun, and nicht to negate a verb, in the sentence, "The cow is not wearing a hat", the part that is negated is the verb. Is the cow wearing? No, the cow is not wearing, hence nicht, yes? "Die Kuh trägt keinen Hut" implies the cow is not wearing a hat but rather something else.


    Without context then, the nicht version should be accepted shouldn't it? One would assume the cow is wearing nothing, rather than wearing something other than a hat.


    Imagine the sentence to say 'The cow is wearing no Hat'. In german, this is the structure that sentences like this take. In this case you are negating the noun - The Hat.


    Understand, but saying the cow is wearing no hat, still implies the cow is wearing something.


    yes, that answered my question. thank you :-)


    When to use kein, keine, keinen?


    Why do we not use "nicht" to negate the verb "wear"?


    In general, if the object is indefinite, we use a form of kein before it, whether to negate that object or the verb/the entire sentence.


    Is Hut masculine ?


    Is Hut masculine ?

    Yes, it is.


    Once again I would like to report that the pronunciation of the individual word "Hut," when you move the block containing that word, is wrong! He is saying it to rhyme with English nut or gut. Needs a long oo, as in boot. I DID flag this but the specificity of why I flagged what isn't carried by a simple menu of broad choices.


    How is nicht not acceptable? It's not like the cow doesn't wear hats at all... Its just not wearing one right now..


    Then, ' Die Kuh tragt nicht keinen Hut ', would be correct ( with the umlaut )?

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