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  5. "Tvůj dopis sežral pes."

"Tvůj dopis sežral pes."

Translation:A dog ate your letter.

December 24, 2017



Your letter ate my dog!


Tvůj dopis sežral (mého) psa! ;-)


Samozřejmě! Byl jsem hloupý ;-)


The difference between sežral and žral? Who can explain for me?


sežral is perfective, he ate it, he finished eating it

žral is imperfective, he was eating it, he was in the process of eating it, he ate it (and may be did not finish) it


Why doesn't this work? "your letter was eaten by a dog"


That is a passive sentence: Tvůj dopis byl sežrán psem.


Would "tvuj pes sezral dopis" be wrong? Why? How do we know who eats who?


Logic would suggest that a dog being eaten by a piece of paper is a highly unlikely occurrence. But, if it magically did happen -- this is Duolingo, after all -- we would have tvého psa (accusative) rather than tvůj pes (nominative) in this sentence. This is an example of the flexible word order in Czech, which trips up so many of us, so often. :-)

But the word order that you suggested is a valid sentence, meaning "Your dog ate a/the letter."


Here, the 4th case (koho/co - whom) would be "tvého psa". But sometimes it is ambiguous: Írán porazil v tenise Pákistán. Because Írán is the same in 1st and 4th case. But more likely, the subject comes later (Iran won).


This sentence is completely nonsensical... The dog ate your letter maybe, but as it is now none would ever say that.


I think that's not a purpose of Duolingo to describe realistic situations.

That said, the sentence makes perfect sense when someone sends you a letter, you ignore it, then meet the sender who asks about the letter, and you say this to make it obvious that you intentionally ignored it. There was a Southpark episode where Cartman explains to Kyle where did his invite card get lost.


I am native AmE, and I see nothing wrong with "A dog ate your letter." But "The dog ate your letter" may also be an accepted translation. If you used it and it was rejected -- did you report it, if so? -- either I'm wrong about that or there was something in your answer that Duo didn't like.


I did report it. By nonsensical I have meant that I can not imagine a real life situation where this sentence is proper. Like you have stray dogs just around, so you don't know which dog ate the letter? :D what.?!:D


You're sitting at the dog park chatting with a dog-owning friend about a letter you just got from someone you'd really like to get to know better Your dogs are off having some fun.. Suddenly, you see that a couple of Bad Boy dogs are circling your dog in an unfriendly-looking way, so you toss the letter down and make a beeline for the dog mugging, The Bad Boy dogs see you coming and run off; your dog happily trots back with you to the bench, feeling safe in her owner's presence again.

But wait... your special letter is missing! In answer to your question about what happened to it, your friend says, "A dog ate your letter! He gobbled it up before I even realized what was happening!"


Yeah, nice story, only problems that stories like that just simply do not happen...

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