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  5. "Tvůj dopis sežral pes."

"Tvůj dopis sežral pes."

Translation:A dog ate your letter.

December 24, 2017



Your letter ate my dog!


Tvůj dopis sežral (mého) psa! ;-)


Samozřejmě! Byl jsem hloupý ;-)


The difference between sežral and žral? Who can explain for me?


sežral is perfective, he ate it, he finished eating it

žral is imperfective, he was eating it, he was in the process of eating it, he ate it (and may be did not finish) it


Would "tvuj pes sezral dopis" be wrong? Why? How do we know who eats who?


Logic would suggest that a dog being eaten by a piece of paper is a highly unlikely occurrence. But, if it magically did happen -- this is Duolingo, after all -- we would have tvého psa (accusative) rather than tvůj pes (nominative) in this sentence. This is an example of the flexible word order in Czech, which trips up so many of us, so often. :-)

But the word order that you suggested is a valid sentence, meaning "Your dog ate a/the letter."

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