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I made some Tinycards decks for Chinese

I am making Tinycards decks for the Chinese course as I progress through them, one for pronunciation and one for meaning, and I thought I'd share them:

Pronunciation deck 1 (150 cards): https://tiny.cards/decks/d370dc52-bb79-42b0-8265-b0f2074da892

Pronunciation deck 2 (49 cards, WIP): https://tiny.cards/decks/3dd605dc-1ae0-4875-8221-8bb4b6a1e118

Meaning deck 1 (150 cards): https://tiny.cards/decks/1b7e4f63-8424-49f8-af27-1973e702c1ca

Meaning deck 2 (13 cards, WIP): https://tiny.cards/decks/922316f0-fe43-4a12-b67a-234b6a82ef52

I'm adding to these as I work my way through the tree. Right now they go up to TIme 2, which is 4 lessons after the second checkpoint. I wanted to just have two huge decks, but it limits decks to 150 cards so I'm just doing them in 150 card chunks. I don't have typing exercises turned on because I wanted to learn both directions. Typing Chinese characters is trivial in the pronunciation deck, since you type the pronunciation to input the character, and in the meaning deck it would require already having a good grasp on the pronunciation to type the characters, but I'm trying to learn both simultaneously.

I found it easier to make a spreadsheet in Google Sheets first, then make the Tinycards decks from that. It may be useful for others if you want to make your own decks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lzjr_mSHGieenwfXu-qYUgBEJFoUTyKzzzdnf6NCffw/edit?usp=sharing

If you use it and notice any errors let me know and I'll fix them ASAP.

December 24, 2017



These are so good! I have become absolutely dependent on them, and I hope that you will continue making them!

With Spanish and Italian I did not need flashcards, but I am finding that with Chinese it is an absolute necessity for me.

You are a lifesaver!


I'm glad they're useful. I just added two more sections (Hobbies 1 and Daily Routine 1) to Part 2 of both decks. I'm trying to do a section each day, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to maintain that pace once I'm not on vacation.


Just know that while it may go unspoken, your cards are a lifesaver. I find myself starting with your cards, and then doing the duolingo lesson after.

I have rarely given lingots to comentors. I horde them... for some unknown reason.... since I can't actually spend them on anything...

However, I have given you four of my precious lingots... which I realize are useless.

It is the only way I know how to express my gratitude. Your cards are making my studies much more effective!


Hey! You have been doing great so far, could you finish the tiny card course?


Thanks. I just started the Chinese course, it is very useful.


This is great. Thank you for sharing this.


These are absolutely Awesome!

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