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Lingots every 10 days no longer working?

I hit a 260 day streak today but didn't get my 26 lingots. Ten days ago, I didn't get my 25 lingots either. Is this no longer working?

If it matters, both times I got my streak while on the mobile app, but that was the case several other times when I did get my lingots.

December 24, 2017



Probably, it is a bug in the Android App. It should work in Duolingo's webversion and iOS.

Every ten days, do your first practice in the browser of your phone instead of the App.
Duolingo needs the most recent version of a modern browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.

You can send a bug report via

The most recent news https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26277659$comment_id=26280365


Didn't get it for 230, 240, 250, or yesterday's 260.

I've been scrimping and saving up my lingots for my aunt's surgery. Now what do I do?


I realized the same problem : it seems that I didn't get my Lingots for 260 and 270 streaks either. Is this a general problem?


No lingots for 1270, 1280 and 1290 day streak. No lingots for achieving Greek level 17 and level 18. Also, 250 XP challenge on Fridays has stopped happening. You get a few of lingots per day for doing a bit of work. This is doubled up by watching an advert, but these feel like "cheat" lingots. On the bright side, I look forward to giving up the tyranny of streak maintenance now it has no longer become worthwhile. Next time I have to pay big money for WiFi, which will be in a few weeks time, I will let the streak end.


Same! :( I do mine on the computer, but I still didn't get them once I hit 260 days, 270 or 280. :( Bummer!

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