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Mailed comments absent from discussion?

I'm curious, Have others received email notices relative to a followed discussion, but on going to that discusion thread, failed to find the e-mailed comment?

CakeDragon17 wrote on "Practice was difficult today.": Is '연습이 오늘은 어려웠어요' acceptable?

I have visited the discussion 3 times since receiving the notification, but still don't see Dragon's post. On the chance CakeDragon might check our Korean discussions, I will offer my own opinion, and hopefully others will either correct or confirm. It seems perfectly acceptable. The word order seems a little unusual, but seems to be calling attention to, or emphasizing the day (오늘). There was something about the day in particular ( as compared to other days) that made practice difficult.

December 24, 2017



Hello. I'm Korean, and I don't speak English very well, but I think, I can point out the Korean mistakes. English means "Practice was difficult today." Is "오늘은 연습이 어려웠어요." I'm sorry if that did not help. :(


고맙습니다. 번역이란 딱 하나만 대채 아니지 않아요. 보통 "오늘은 연습이 어려웠어요." 인지 알았지만, 혹시 그 위에 있는 순서로도 말 하는 경우가 있는야 궁금 하는 것입니다.

In English the sentence can actually be written at least 3 ways:

Practice was difficult today.

Today, practice was difficult.

Practice, today, was difficult.

I am under the impression that word order is somewhat flexible in Korean.

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