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Christmas Skill

Okay I looked through the Discussions and I did not see anyone talk about this. Are they going to be showing the Christmas skill this year? Is it only out on Christmas Day? Am I missing where you buy it? If someone could explain I would be grateful. Thanks/Gracias/Graize

December 25, 2017



I found this on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/7lyi4j/duolingo_will_not_be_offering_christmas_skill/

If that thread is right, it's confirmed that it's discontinued. :( I was hoping to get it this Xmas too... Can anyone who bought the skill tell us if it is still showing up for you or not?

EDIT: The Reddit thread is likely fake. The user who posted it doesn't seem to be very reliable, judging from past posts.


I've just tried it in German; it still works.

I'm somewhat suspicious of that reddit thread; it gives no sources (why not link to the DL discussion?) and refers to a 'community backlash' that I have never seen the slightest bit of evidence of. The Christmas skills were not available last year for technical reasons, and DL continues to have problems with getting the bonus skill lingot purchases in various languages to work properly; it seems to me that this is a much more plausible explanation for why Christmas skills still can't be bought this year.


Apparently they decided to cut corners this year quite annoying since i joined duolingo shortly after xmas 2016


I joined Jan of 2015 and somehow missed it last year. Really disappointed too



It isn't coming out. The reason is technical issues not negative feedback.


Thank you all for helping. It seems that in most languages you are unable to get the Christmas skill. I just wanted to make sure I couldn't get it and not miss it or something.

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