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Duolingo Christmas Bonus Skill?

Hi Duolingo Friends / Ciao amici di Duolingo,

The Duolingo bonus tree for Christmas hasn't come up for me - am I doing something wrong? Or is it getting phased out?

Almost all of my progress is in the Italian from Spanish tree, but I did once do enough Italian from English Duolingo to be able to get Flirting and Idioms a few years back.

You can respond in EN/ES/IT/FR if you wish. Or EL too if you want to scare me.

Merry Christmas / Buona Natale,


December 25, 2017



Isn’t quite remarkable that the “Christmas” skill cause problems, but none of the others.


really sad. I keep watching for it... I some how missed it last year and was really hoping for it. I sure hope they aren't bowing to any real or supposed bullying to drop it :'(


It isn't out. Duolingo, as far as I know, hasn't made a statement regarding this. Hopefully, it is be released soon, or they'll offer an explanation. Sorry this isn't more helpful.

Have a merry Christmas!


Duolingo never stated they would/would not do christmas this year

Actually, AFAIK, the last official statement by staff regarding "Holiday Bonus Skills" (Christmas one being one of them) is here and says

Due to performance issues, we'll have to roll these skills back [...]

It was shared in December 2016 but, without a more recent communication existing, it is the current official status of (seasonal) "Holiday Bonus Skills".

If the 2016 update was saying something like "we'll have to roll these skills back for this year", we could hope/consider it was likely only for 2016. But the update doesn't say such thing neither say something along the lines "we're working on having them back", so no reason to think it was only a withdraw for 2016 and that it would come back in 2016.

Moreover, if I remember well, the Update in the linked official discussion was first something along the line "Due to performance issues, we'll have to roll these skills back temporarily and hope to push them back in a few days". Hence, the fact it has later changed for just "Due to performance issues, we'll have to roll these skills back" goes also into the direction that the (seasonal) Holiday Bonus Skills are not about to come back (until further notice, at least).


Exactly! Duolingo never stated they would/would not do christmas this year, and all this month was just rumors about this matter. I just wished Duolingo would have just answered this themselves and not let random users spread rumors. There would be so much less confusion about it as it was.

(Surprisingly, I heard that English for Italian speakers offered christmas this year, so I don’t know why others wouldn’t.)


They might have been testing with a smaller course, to see if the problems still existed. Given that there has been a lot of rewritten code this year.


Nice "rounded" 1000 streak!


I've heard a RUMOR (emphasis on rumor) that it will not be coming out this year because of community backlash. According to a thread on Reddit, LRTward confirmed it, but I have not been able to find a post to back up this allegation.

If these rumors are true, I am very disappointed in the community. I use Duolingo every day and I have, like many others, been waiting to fill out the third skill. I do understand that it may appeal to only a certain demographic, but I don't think it was published to exclude others. It was a fun way to work on our comprehension of another language, but c'mon. At least it could have been adapted as a winter skill.


What 'community backlash'? I have never once seen anyone complain about the Christmas skill, whereas I have seen hundreds if not thousands of posts asking for it.
All the countries that speak languages for which there is a Christmas skill celebrate Christmas, so it is relevant to the learner regardless of whether he or she does. Christmas is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere, too, so it is not a 'winter skill'. Such a change would probably lead to a real (i.e. not totally and utterly invisible) community backlash.


I haven't really seen it either, I've pretty much just been going off of what they said on Reddit. I would love to get some clarification on all of this.


The reddit user who made this claim also recently said this:

Feedback in Duolingo Discussions has been overwhelmingly negative for even mentioning Christmas. It's all like "Don't force your made up mythology's holiday on us, we don't want to hear it" but mention any other religious holiday that's not as well known in America and suddenly it's cultural and sophisticated.

Duolingo Discussions is blind cancer sometimes. I really think Christmas isn't going to be a lesson this year and the community is the reason.

I really don't recognise this caricature of the DL discussions; it smells rather like politically-motivated misinformation to me.
It it very easy for anyone to give such a claim an appearance of veracity by baldly stating that LRTward has confirmed it even if he has done no such thing; many people would probably take it at face value. I hope that LRTward will notice this thread and clear up the matter.


I don't think an optional skill to learn lessons pertaining to christmas excludes any demographics.

When you are learning another language, you are also learning about another culture. Christmas is a big part of cultures that speak the big 6 languages. Spanish, portuguese and italian speaking countries are very catholic. Germany has a lot of christmas festivities the whole month long. US has christmas music and tv specials all month long! I don't know about the french ones though.

Regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday or not, the fact of the matter is, most people n the countries that speak the big 6 do celebrate the holiday, and you ought to know the terminology to know what people are saying, and even wish them a merry christmas!


As a French person, I can confirm that "Noël" is big here too, with cities all lit up, TV running many specials (some of them American), charities campaigning, the whole commercial shebang, Santa coming to most kindergartens, businesses (for staff children), hospitals, even some nursing homes, not to forget the Palais de L'Élysée (residence for the President), among contless events, and many non Christian families (secular or other religions) celebrating. Christmas is mostly viewed as a festival for children, a family time as well as a time to reflect on one's behaviour, i.e. an opportunity to be kinder than usual. For others, it's something less commandable, an occasion to get stuffed on food and wasted on alcohol, but I guess it's pretty much the case everywhere. Anyway, it's festive and warm.

Other European part-French speaking countries are more or less the same (Belgium more like France, Switzerland more like Austria), French speaking Canada similar to the US. For a more religious atmosphere, I guess we should look towards French speaking Afrika.

So, happy holidays to you and anyone reading :)


Agreed! I’d happily take a bonus skill in another language for a holiday with religious origins that was not part of my personal belief system. For now let’s ignore that blank circle on our trees and hope something else is available to fill the spot in 2018. Happy new year to all!!!


According to a thread on Reddit, LRTward confirmed it, but I have not been able to find a post to back up this allegation.

Safer to always consider as likely a lie any claim that someone else said/confirmed something if the claim doesn't share any link(°) towards that alleged statement.

(°) If screenshot is shared, be skeptical too as they can easily be faked.

Now, about the statement itself. I strongly doubt that Lrtward confirmed that "there'll not be any this year", but it seems possible to me they stated something like "it's likely there'll not be any 'EoY holidays' Bonus Skill (at least) for this year".
Dulingo-knowing Lrtward for quite long, I don't think they'd state as "confirmed" something they have a priori no way to be sure about.


Thank you, jrikhal. I have been visiting family for the holidays and not active in the forums. I did not confirm that rumor. In fact, today is the first I have heard about it.


I'm not too sure, but I think some of the moderators has said that the bonus skill was lagging out/messing up the website so they didn't enable it.


A bit of observance will clarify that no new Bonus skills have been introduced for a long time. Why don't people post on Reddit or any other social media site about lack of Flirting, or Idioms, or any other bonus skills?

I have never seen any "backlash" about the Christmas skill. I did see one about not teaching children about flirting but that was all I ever saw. An unreferenced statement on Reddit or any other social media should not be given any credence.


Hi rileyannon,

Wouldn't be the first time someone said that Lrtward said something that she didn't say. I've been the target of it more times than I can count across my fingers and toes. So, even if they show you a screenshot, ask for the link. Even if the discussion they got it from has been deleted, and even if the comment inside of the discussion was deleted, staff and mods assigned to the forum can still enter and verify whether or not the thing in the screenshot ever actually happened or if it's a doctored picture.

What I'm aware of is several skills were experiencing technical difficulties a while back. People were spending lingots to get bonus skills that either weren't showing up as purchased, or purchasing bonus skills that soon after winked out of existence off and on. This was not limited to the Christmas bonus skill.

When staff mention "site performance issues" I've noticed that it usually relates to technical problems. When staff mention "Metrics: They are usually talking about user interaction.


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