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Has Duo joined the Grinch and stolen Christmas?

The title says it all, Christmas RIP

December 25, 2017



No, they have only decided to give us other presents this year - throughout the year, such as stories in Spanish, stories in Portuguese, stories in French and German, a Spanish podcast, Events, a larger test of the new Spanish from English tree, a special reward to the paying members, upcoming skill levels, a rewrite of the website (although the later has - for the time being - still some unpleasant side effects, but it is necessary to revamp it for the future), a change in the application scheme to become a DL ambassador. Did I miss anything? Whoever notices something I have left out here: please feel free to add it.
I have seen some great user generated Christmas decks on Tinycards (was it put on the web this year or last year?) for example from Lindakanga for French. This is an example worth to follow, really. https://tiny.cards/users/lindakanga

Merry Christmas to everyone :)


Not to mention that the bonus skills never worked properly with strengthening, the words were never picked up. I guess that some big data metrics somewhere show that a lot of users purchased them, did them once and then let them decay.


I think they were left off from general strengthening on purpose. I remember a few years ago people complaining that they had Christmas vocabulary all over their strengthening lessons throughout the year and were sick of it.

And sometimes people buy bonus skills when they are still too difficult for them. If they had to keep strengthening them, they would never get any farther.


Wait, wasn't there something to mention about Chinese, Japanese and Korean ON THE WEB as well? :))


Dutch tree 2.0


And Welsh 2.0 and Norwegian 3.0.


Steffi, You sound like an apologist for DuoLingo without answering the question as to why the Christmas Bonus was taken away. Many people were looking forward to the Christmas vocabulary words on this site, not on user generated Tinycards, and they want to know why the Christmas Bonus was taken away. There is some talk on other discussions threads that perhaps it was taken away because some complained about it. I asked someone from DuoLingo on another thread to comment on this and I'm waiting to hear back. The Christmas lesson was already created, so I don't think it would have taken any work to put it out again this year. ???


Rest assured that that was not my intention. To apologize, I mean, neither on my behalf, nor on behalf of anybody else.
I have seen that you found the discussion I posted a link to ( https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25656881$comment_id=25660347 ) which comes closest to being something official as anything I could find.
Regarding to your comments about the user created decks: ıf the words are the same, does it really matter so much, where I learn them? The bonus skills were also created by volunteers, the course contributors. I wish DL would be able to enable access to the bonus skills to value their work, but it seems to be impossible this year.


Thanks to D_.. :
"See HelpfulDuo's reply on the matter here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25656881$comment_id=25660347 ."

"Jared, you are not doing anything wrong! The Christmas skill caused site performance issues, so we decided to not enable it (nor any other new bonus skills). We are so sorry to disappoint those who were expecting it."

I have found D_..'s comment here:


thank you! How I wish duolingo would be more communicative. Great that you were able to dig this out from the comments pile!


What are these special rewards for paying customers you mention?


Haha, it is a bit odd. I was hoping that they'd be rolling out bonus skills (including the Christmas one) for all languages - but instead they seem to have just ignored the Christmas skill. Maybe they'll be getting rid of bonus skills entirely?

Seems a bit odd, but oh well. We'll just have to learn Christmas vocab elsewhere.


Honestly, I think I was a part of an A/B test where they got rid of bonus skills. I could practice my old ones but I couldn't purchase new ones (I hadn't bought the Flirting Skill for German). I might still be apart of it, let me check...

Edit: Nope I'm out of it. But there was a time where I couldn't purchase it, I swear.


Alas, all those traditional stories of Jesus awakening in his manger and using the Duolingo app to communicate with the Magi (who presumably would have spoken Middle Persian, rather than Jesus' native Aramaic), or of Father Christmas using Duolingo to understand all the notes left to him by children all over the world (and not in his mother tongue of Greenlandic or Lapp, depending on your own, particular, irrational view), are finally put an end to.

Why must Duolingo trample on these sacred beliefs by not providing a skill offering a few platitudes about Christmas in various languages? Such things are essential when encountering all the dreadful people you haven't seen for a year and saying something nice about their ghastly gifts. I think we should all protest this by posting entirely fake stories about Duolingo on Reddit.


You could just have said “I hate Christmas.” And saved yourself from writing two paragraphs. :)


LiberecoPerScio, I read garpike's comment exactly oppisote. To me it seems garpike loves Christmas, but not the platitudes or superficialness that comes with it.


I plead guilty to flagrant violation of Poe's law, Officer.
The object of my two paragraphs was to contrast the ridiculous hyperbole of the OP's original statement with the extremely banal sentences that these skills actually contain, coloured by my view at the time (since confirmed by HelpfulDuo) that DL isn't offering them this year due to some mundane technical problem rather than a sinister anti-Christmas conspiracy. No judgements on the worth of Christmas were intended; the aim was more to call into question the OP's judgement on the worth of Christmas, given that he just declared it dead because DL failed to release a few multi-lingual platitudes about it.

I could, of course, have just boringly written all this in the first instance, but typing a sarcastic rant is so much more fun, and is this not the season of jollity?


it's just culture relax man, I don't believe in it either, in fact I am an atheist, but to censor culture has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've seen


I think the user was just being sarcastic. ^ ^


When someone gets no presents for Christmas, they have to reflect on their behavior first. Have you behaved well all through the year, really, no slips, hm? Or should we say "no one is perfect"? ;)


I just want them to fix Swahili.


Apparently they caved too bigots around here and pulled the Christmas feature. The party of tolerance strikes again.


The fun about this is that I can assure you that the Portuguese Christmas skill works, both for re-doing the two lessons and strengthening it a few days ago.

Well, I also got an 404 error a few days ago, but maybe that was a problem with reloading the DuoLingo webpage switching English/Portuguese base languages on the app??
After a refresh it worked again...

I got the PT bonus skill last year from the lingot store before it was suddently removed.

Sadly to say, that their new Scala web portal prevents accessing direct HTTP URL skill addresses.

This means I tried to copy the PT Christmas url to my Spanish course and adjust it, and it was NOT working - I got redirected to the "home" page.
If you do not NEED those "improvements", you will get them.
If you ask for bug fixes and change-/feature requests, you don't get them.

What is the point? :)


The point is not that already-purchased Christmas skills are not working. No one has complained about that.

The point is that many of us were looking forward to buying the Christmas skill in one or more languages and it has not been released.


yeah the ones i have still work. I was waiting for the Portuguese one.


thank you Thomas.Heiss

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