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What happened ?

The course seems to have stalled. What is going on?

December 25, 2017



It stalled soon after it was released in beta and now seems neglected. Beta does not mean finished and contributors who can remain available during beta should be preferred. Also I don't think a course without audio is sufficient for this site.


I've been getting tons of e-mails lately about accepted reports.


Me too. Picture the scene:

Rehema and Emilian are out doing important Peace Corps work in Tanzania, day in, day out. They come home exhausted in the evening to find another 20 beta error reports waiting for them. Most days they just haven't got the energy to work on this as well, but when they do, I think they spend an evening fixing as many reports as possible from the backlog we are piling up for them.

It isn't a big company with a whole department of linguists working full-time on Swahili - it's a few volunteers. I think we just have to accept that we are in Swahili-time and every so often there will be a surge of corrections.


Yes it has stalled. I don't know why.

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