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No Christmas Bonus Skill 2017???

I joyfully awoke on Christmas morning to finally get the Christmas bonus skill that I've been eagerly awaiting all year long!!! Not finding it in the store is like a child waking up on Christmas morning with no presents under the tree. Thank you for ruining my Christmas, Duolingo. I'm reminded of the time I found out that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

December 25, 2017



I'm so sad too :(


Me too. :( I don't know why they won't put them up...


My usual reaction when I see posts of this sort is to say, “You should demand your money back. Oh, wait....”

However, given the number of posts over the past week asking about the disappearance of the Xmas skill, it really does seem strange that Duolingo has apparently not made any announcement about the subject.


Yeah, I’m not claiming that I now hate Duolingo or anything unrealistic. It’s just something that a lot of people were looking forward to, for various reasons, and now we are disappointed. A simple communication on the forums would have taken 30 seconds and eliminated much disappointment from expectations not being met. Also, if they want to get rid of the Christmas skill, cool. But how about we also get rid of the 3rd bonus skill slot (at least on the iOS versions) so it doesn’t just sit there empty. Not difficult.


Yes! My thoughts exactly!


While my above post is a little tongue-in-cheek, I am actually pretty bummed out. Part of what makes Duolingo so cool and stand apart from other language learning platforms is how they “gamified” the process. It’s motivating to come back each day to work on completing various goals: We all strive to complete the tree! The user is motivated to keep the skills golden! You can gain experience points and level up! You can earn gems or lingots and use them to buy special powers! You can unlock special bonus skills! And for one of them (or at least I thought), you have to patiently wait until one certain time of the year to unlock! It’s pretty unmotivating to find out that the 3rd bonus skill spot apparently can’t even be filled. It really takes away from that sense of completion.


wow I didn't know it even existed but that kinda sucks i hope duolingo responds quickly

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