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  5. "Meine Gedanken sind bei dir."

"Meine Gedanken sind bei dir."

Translation:My thoughts are with you.

March 17, 2013



why can i not use mit instead of bei?


And it is not idiomatic to say "Gedanken sind mit jemanden" (literally: thoughts are with someone). In German, "Gedanken" are "bei" (literally: at) a person, but concerned "mit" (with) a subject. For instance, "Ich bin mit meinen Gedanken mit der Hochzeit beschäftigt." - My thoughts are concerned with the wedding.


That has a slightly different meaning. It is more formal. The "Meine Gedanken sind mit dir." could be used in a context of a funeral, or when someone is ill. Here you can see an example: http://www.babycenter.de/thread/71359/hoffnungslose-leere Just search for the text "sind mit". (The child of the original poster died)


What does it mean?

1- "I think about you." 2- "I think like you.", in a sense that I agree with you.


The first: "I think of you".


It means the first but the actual translation "My thoughts are with you." is commonly used in English to express sympathy after a death or when someone is experiencing severe worry - I used it this morning to sympathise with a friend with a sick child.


Can we say the word "bei" means "about" in this case?


I assume "I am thinking of you" is also correct, isn't it?


Why can't I use 'ideas' instead of 'thoughts'? :(


Umh, how to say "I am thinking of you"?

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