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Kicked out of the club or club deleted?

Hi everyone!

Since a few days I was in a French club (my first club). So yesterday, I wanted to look how many points I had altogether. When I clicked on the club button at the bottom, it became strange. I saw all the other clubs like at the beginning. It was a bit confusing. Was I kicked out or was the club deleted?

Thank you for your answers and Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2017



Same thing happened to me. I think we were kicked out.


I've been kicked out before. Don't stress it.


You must've been kicked out. There is literally no possible way to delete a club.


Hey Laura, here's a lingot for Christmas, Merry Christmas to you too!


Thanks! How nice from you! :)


you were probably kicked out


It could be either one


Yeah you got kicked out


What are the reasons a person would be kicked out of a club they had joined?


Lack of activity, or too much activity lol


I think that was the reason why I was kicked out (too much activity).


Who knows? One of the reasons I've never joined a club is they are run by random internet strangers. Unless you have followed them for a while and ascertained their quality of engagement, or know them in real life, you really have no idea how they will run things.

They could be an 8-year old kid with imperfect grasp of grammar doing it for "followers", or a 60-year-old linguistics scholar. They could actually want to keep the club alive, or they could start it and then move on to the next shiny object. They could do it to prove they are on top, or support healthy competition. Only time will tell.

Perhaps you should start your own club?


Thanks everyone for the insight. Dcarl1, I haven't been kicked out of a club, I don't even know how to find one less alone how to start one. I thought perhaps they were only available through schools. I just wanted to know why people would be kicked out of club. Also, I spend so much time doing lessons here and on Memrise that I couldn't take on another activity. What kind of activities do people do in the clubs, anyway?


I don't entirely know. As far as I can tell it allows two things: More direct tracking of XP competition, and ability to e-mail club members. It is available to anyone, not just schools (those are classrooms, not clubs).

They seem very popular, but much like you I spend lots of time elsewhere, and also have a super-demanding work schedule. Between that and my innate skepticism, I decided not to pursue clubs.

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