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Latvian course 3 Phrases 1

[deactivated user]

    Sveiki! - Hello! Šeit ir dotas dažas frāzes latviešu valodā.
    (Here are given some phrases in Latvian.)

    Lūdzu - please, here you are (Use, when you ask for something or give someting)
    Piemērs (excample): - Lūdzu, iedod man pildspalvu! (Please, give me a pen!)
    - Lūdzu! (Here you are!)
    - Paldies! - Thanks!

    Labrīt, labdien, labvakar - Good morning, good afternoon, good evening
    Arlabunakti - good night
    Tiksimies vēlāk - see you later Tiksimies rīt - see you tomorrow
    (tiksimies - we will meet)

    Jā - yes Nē - no
    Atvainojos - I'm sorry

    Uz redzēšanos! - Goodbye! Atā! - Bye!

    December 25, 2017



    Thanks for these lessons. Could you please make a repository post of all your lessons and include a link to it with each lesson? Paldies!

    [deactivated user]

      Check out this lesson by Tinycards! https://tiny.cards/decks/620928c6-e6c1-41ff-ba28-4d81ead1cb6c

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