Syncing Between Mobile and Computer


As an avid user of both platforms, this has become a real issue in the past couple of weeks. For example, on my phone, it says that I've lost my streak yet on my computer it says that I still have 9 hours to do it. This causes lots of issues to occur.

My solution would be to just use one service instead of two so that the two could easily sync together without worry.

Please upvote/like so that the developers will see this as it has become a really big problem for me.

Thanks, Joel.

December 25, 2017


I had similar problems yesterday and the day before. Eventually I just ended up turning on Duo on both the web and mobile, did a lesson in a course on the phone and as I got points I refreshed the web and it showed changes too. I'm not sure how exactly it worked, but I did this a couple of times just to be sure the syncing doesn't disappear. May have been a coincidence with a temporary problem getting fixed in the exact time as I did that, but everything is better than doing nothing, so it's worth giving a try ;)

You may also try: reinstalling the app, cleaning the phone's cached data, signing out of and removing your Google account (if you use one for Duo) from the phone, then adding it again. Also check your phone's sync settings and permissions given to Google and Duo, if anything got changed recently.

I hope one of those methods will help you, let me know if it worked :)

December 25, 2017

Me too, Joel. This happens all the time to me. Sometimes I have no choice but to use my phone, only to find out that none of my points saved, or that only some of them saved. Getting really frustrating.

October 19, 2018

It all confuses me. Why Duolingo wouldn't appear identically on the iPhone and on an iMac I have no idea. Why the difference between gems and lingots, whatever they are? Why 'leagues' on one but not the other??? Duolingo, are you there?

April 12, 2019
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