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No Christmas bonus course on Christmas!

I joined Duolingo last December and by the time I had got to the bonus section and had enough lingots the holiday season was over. I thought that I would initially pass on the Christmas skill and once I have the other two bonus skills purchased I would add the Christmas one later in the year and have it well practiced by the next holiday season. Then it disappeared so I looked it up on the Duo forums and I found some treads that said that the Christmas bonus skill comes out only around Christmas; so this would mean I had to wait the rest of the year anticipating on collecting all the bonuses and a having a (almost) completed tree. Since Thanksgiving I have been casually checking the Store but for the past week I have been checking the store multiple times a day. Today is Christmas and I completed a morning lesson and checked the store and it is still not there so then I thought maybe you can only add the bonus skills from your computer (and not the phone) but at this point I have logged into both forms of Duo and Christmas skill cannot be found! Could someone please tell me what they know about this, like if Duo got rid of option of obtaining the Christmas Bonus skill? And if someone who reads this works at Duolingo if you could try to return the option to purchasing the Christmas skill I would really appreciate it, today is Christmas but the holiday season is still ongoing until Epiphany (January 6), so their is still time. Gracias y Feliz Navidad!

December 25, 2017



There have been about 10 posts a day since the beginning of the month about this. It’s apparently not being offered. No one knows why, but likely bugginess.

Yes, Duolingo should have made or should make a post about it, to curb the many, many, many questions over and over and over again.


Like Dcarl said, they should have made an official announcement, and that doesn't mean a simple reply that can easily be lost (especially since it's in the Italian forum).


Exactly. One nested reply, in a sub-Forum, to one of the literally dozens (hundreds?) of questions on this same topic over the past month is almost useless.


Yes, I wish I had had that information days or weeks ago.


Dear D_.. , thanks for posting this, I would have never found it. I cited it here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25657598 and hope you do not mind.
Merry Christmas!

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