"The ball is outside the park."

Translation:공이 공원 밖에 있어요.

December 25, 2017



I have a hard time understanding the subject/topic particle. In this example we use 이 after ball but in a similar one (The dog sits next to the child) it was 는 after dog. Is it because both should be accepted or is there a rule I don't understand?

December 25, 2017


이/가 and 은/는 are a little tricky to learn at first and hard to explain (for me). Here is a video on the subject that really helped me when I was figuring that out. https://youtu.be/6JSJ9yEWy1I

January 2, 2018


I beleve its because the ball is an object abd the dog is considered an individual. Im not 100% though

January 2, 2018
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