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I had to repost because my other one somehow got deleted but I had the post copied just in case.

Hey everyone I hope you all are having a wonderful day and Merry Christmas! For the holidays I decided to have a Team XP Competition!!

The Competition will begin on Jan. 1 and ends Jan. 31. The prize will be 25 lingots per person on the winning team.

Special award if your team gets 50,000 XP or more of 10 lingots.

We will have 5 teams of 3 and there will be a captain for each team. The Team leader will be in charge of keeping in track of their teammates xp. You will need to follow me and your team to keep up with your teams XP.

Every participant must be active and have fun and be nice

TO ENTER YOU WILL NEED TO: Comment if you want to be leader and what the team name is or comment the name of what team you want to be on. Follow me and your team to keep up with each other

Donations will be open and if I receive any than the grand prize will increase.


IMPORTANT: I will update the leaderboard every day or 2 so stay tuned for that


1st place! : Cliffs of Dover
* 3.Darkenstern

You have been awarded your 20 lingots!

December 25, 2017



Hi everyone, I've just arrived to team 5 "Cliffs of Dover" to complete it and I wish we all have a lot fun!!

By the way, I hope that the organiser doesn't mind the following comment about the contest rules. I read that if a team got to 80,000 XP, they would have a special reward, and I couldn't help thinking: OMG, is it possible to get this far without burning out!?? So I'll tell you why I'm thinking this, and it's based in personal experience: Recently I've been in a monthly XP contest with over 20 participants, and the winner "only" got to 22399 XP, whereas the second got to 15189 XP, and the 3rd got to 6568 XP (I only got to 5310 XP and was fourth, but I hope to get more XPs this time!!). So if the 3 first participants would have been in one team, they had only gotten around 45,000 XP, and they were the best of the best of our contest!!! That's why I think that the goal to get to 80,000 XP is quite unrealistic.

So IMHO to get to 50,000 XP, or even only to 40,000 XP should be enough to win this competition (i.e. that each of the 3 members of the best team achieved a daily average of about 500 XP). Well, let's see. Good luck to everybody and happy new year!! ;D


I just thought I'd point out that I probably won't able to get 500 XP a day - I tend to do get 500 XP every 2 days sorry.


Don't worry, contribute to the team as long as you have fun and learn your languages. It's better to slow down that burning out, this is a language learning marathon, not a speed race!! :-D


Hi Carlos, I try to end up in second place by the end of every day but you are crushing the field, almost 4 times everyone else. Do you live here or what? Darkenstern


Yeaaaah that's right, now I'm living in Duoland!!! ;-D Seriously, from January 1st I've been beginning my particular 3-month German challenge, I wanted among other resources to do at least 3 Duolingo German trees (German from Spanish, German from English and 1 or 2 reversed trees). The good news is that I completed the first one in just 3 days!!!!! But the trick was that I "skipped" the hard parts, so now I have to review the tree at least 7 days to learn things properly, before going for another tree (which I think it will be a reset Esperanto one. I had two, one from Eng. and the other from Spanish, but didn't finish any of them). Next of course I'll keep doing my German challenge, with maybe some French in the middle. ;-)))


Go, go, Cliffs of dover!!! Let's get a bunch of XPs and learn a lot of languages!!!



That's our theme tune I guess xD It's my favourite piece on guitar to play (although I can't do the intro ;-;)


Please, if you update the leaderboard write a post to trigger a notification. Otherwise, Duolingo won't notify anything :-(


Doing exactly what you have done, but with writing something like: "Last updated Jan. XX ?:?? pm central time"

Btw I think you updated the rankings yesterday, am I right?


Can I be on Team 2: Survivors


Hey how far are you from GMT, like I live at +5:30GMT ??


My time zone (central) is 7 hours ahead of yours


please keep updating the status after a week or so about the total XPs earned by a team ! BelgianWaffle and sobhanmp , u there, haven't heard you in a week, guess I am on my own... doesn't matter I'll try my best.....Go Snoopies!!!


I was planning on updating the leaderboard every day or 2

Btw I heard from BelgiumWaffle. yesterday telling me that she was excited about the xp competition. I haven't heard from sobhanmp though.


just to let you know camille you are doing a very good job, and I love being part of it...


Aww thank you so much!


Guys I can't find sobhanmp's profile so I can't calculate how much xp she has. If anyone is following her can you send me a link to her profile please and thanks


Sobhanmp only has 11 XP at the moment. This is their profile:



Hey, I think sobhan doesn't know about the competition and he has scored 56xps, i request you Camille to join our team pleaseeee


I think it's better to help the Black Lions!! Come on guys, we are missing you!!!! :-D


I suppose coz we haven't seen him here since infinity, and probably he doesn't even exist here ..

plus you would get a taste of this competition too....

and finally after looking at the scorecards I feel its a one sided affair...

After all its a request and its your choice to take the decision.. : )


wow!!! you really did it..........thank you so much.... : )


You haven't updated in 4 days now.....please update soon


I'll get around to it by tomorrow


Welp I suppose I can join


I commented before but oh well; I'd like to be team leader for team 'Squad Fam'


Why not make the prize bigger? (I'm still considering joining)


I want to be a captain

team 3: black lions


can i join plzzz


I would like to be on team 2


I think I was on your first post but I'm back.. I'm team whatever I'm not good at picking names though so I'll leave that to someone more creative.


ill be on squad fam number 2


Are there any more free spots? I commented yesterday, but I don't know if I got entered. Thanks in advance :)


common waffle you are doing great!!!


Count me in if possible.


I'm happy to be on Squad Fam :)


I changed my name I was ReleaseTheBeast


Can I be Captain of my own team, Grunge Babies


we need to do as many lessons as we can right??


Yes. You are trying to get the most do without cheating by testing out of any skills


Uhh I forgot this competition! Does anybody have the final standings?


what happened???


Most probably our teams got to the first two positions, so we could declare two winners if nobody has the exact standings!!

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