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What is a good translation?

I think the developers of Doulingo might benefit by providing some guidance on the goals of our translation. I'm translating Spanish to English and I notice that the translations are often accurate and understandable but ackward and not something a web developer would pay for. I'm sometimes tempted to mark down an literally correct translation that is awkward English, but refrain for all but the almost uniformly bad sentences of Duolingo's Bot.

July 1, 2012

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I think the point is to critically consider the sentence and translate it as well as you can. Which means that the grammar may need to be completely altered to sound like proper english for example. Don't fret about down-voting literal translations, that's why there's voting in the first place. As soon as someone goes and translates the sentence with proper english grammar it will (hopefully) bubble to the top through up-votes. People aren't penalized for poor translations, only rewarded for good ones. :)

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