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"Have you ever seen yourself on TV?"

Translation:Viděl ses někdy v televizi?

December 25, 2017



I wrote "Někdy ses v televizi viděl?" Is that also acceptable? It was marked incorrect. Díky moc!


I typed "Ty ses viděl někdy v televizi?", should it be "Ty ses někdy viděl v televizi" instead or are both wrong?


Both your sentences are fine and should be accepted (use the Report Button please).

These sentences however stress the word "you" - "Have YOU ever seen yourself on TV?"


"Ty ses viděl někdy v televizi?" With normal stress that is for me when you are surprised and wants him to affirm that he really has seen himself on TV. Your other sentence is equivalent.

In general, you can find use for almost any word order in Czech.

V televizi ses někdy viděl? He has seen himself in many things and you are asking if also on TV.

Někdy ses viděl v televizi? Similar.


I've reported the last one. It seemed like no sentence starting with někdy was possible


OK, thank you for your answers :) I don't want to report everything that seems good to me without making sure it's actually correct, because usually a word order natural to me is not natural to Czech speakers.


Is it possible to use a combination of "se" and "jsi" instead of "ses"? What would be the appropriate word order than?


Viděl jsi se...

Keep in mind that it sounds a bit stiff, 'ses' is much more common, I'd say.


But why is that not even accepted? I tried it, and didn't dare to reöport, because I wasn't sure and first wanted to ask.


Right now, we accept 349 different translations, many of them with 'jsi se.' You could have made a different mistake or Duo had its day...


thanks. I'll keep trying.

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