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"Can you sing English songs?"


December 25, 2017



As far as I can remember you can distinguish between songs in English "英语歌“ and songs from England "英国歌”. Am I wrong?


That is totally correct. Many bands sing English songs, but not all of them are from England. :o)


你会不会唱英语歌 marked wrong and reported, 27Aug18


Your comment is clearly on target. Duolingo should pay attention and correct this internal inaccuracy.


@alex zorach maybe you missed the memo but this course is in beta ie a soft launch so they can get thousands of users and find/fix bugs. Pointing out additional translations is always appreciated but your tirade is not.


What's the difference between 会 and 可以?


可以 means permitted whereas 会 means to know how to. So 你可不可以唱英语歌 is like saying "are you allowed to sing english songs"


It is incorrect to use 的 after 英语? Is there a real difference or at least a meaningful nuance between 英语的歌 and 英语歌?


It's incorrect since the focus is on "English songs" as a unit, so one wouldn't want to use 的.


Not recommending you do it but if you're in China, you may often hear people skipping the verb itself and saying "你会英语歌吗?or 你会不会 英语歌? It's informal to be sure but seems to be used quite often. I'm not asking Duo to accept it but in case it confuses you.....


你会唱不会唱英语歌? The above should be accepted, I think. I reported it. Let me know if I'm wrong, though. BTW, I think 你会不会唱英语歌?mean "Will you sing English songs?" and is distinct from my entry above. Is that correct?

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