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Missing Learning Cards

I've just recently gone through the introduction to hiragana course. This was easy enough, I already know hiragana. But what bugged me a bit was at times it would ask me to write the English word for things it had not taught me yet. 'hai', 'ohayo' and 'kiru' so far are not taught in the 'flashcards' part of the segments, but are asked for in 'type to English'. Thankfully, I knew what hai and ohayo were from previous experience, but I did not know what kiru was, and there was no explanation for it until I just typed in a random word and saw what the correct answer was. (Wear). Is this deliberate, to teach through remembering correct answer after getting it wrong, or are there parts of the course missing that should be there?

Just had it happen again with Hiragana-2/2 and the word 'osake'. There is no explanation ahead of time for what this word means or the word for 'vegetable'. Also, the matching section of this lesson is throwing matches that have not yet been introduced to the student.

December 25, 2017


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