"His suit"

Translation:Su traje

March 17, 2013



Strange that while Duolingo correctly gives 'el traje de él' as 'another correct solution' for 'his suit' here, it did not allow answering with 'de mío' for 'mine' in another place in one of these lessons.


Because it is "El traje de mí" or "El traje mío". Anyway, you rarely use this kind of sentences in this way. Usually, you say "Mi traje", "Su traje", etc. except if you want to emphasise on the owner.


Sjdps, good reply to AlanProbando, except that "el traje de mí" is not correct, just as "el traje de mío" is not correct either. It's either "el traje mío" or "mi traje".


remcastro. Sjdps is right el traje de mí is correct but never used so you are also right


Thanks, Sjdps. This helps. (I just now saw your reply.)


Im one whos all about creative declaratives when I speak. I long for the time when I will command words in Spanish as such.

I like to gamble with DuoLingo's acceptable answer bank as well.


Why is "el traje del" wrong? Isn't the contraction of "de" and "el" mandatory?


"Del" is the contraction of "de" (=of) and "el" (=the), not of "de" and "él" (=he/him).


Oh yeah.. Thank you!

[deactivated user]

    Donde esta mi super traje


    su traje was accepted


    Handy hint to remember that: traje sound s like trench, like trench coat


    ¿Why is it wrong if I write "Suya traje sastre"? It gives suya as a translation for His and traje sastre as a translation for suit, but DuoLingo says my answer is wrong.


    Suya/his/ her/ formal your can only be used independently of nouns and refers to a feminine singular noun. The masculine counterpart is suyo

    This suit is his = ESTE TRAJE ES SUYO

    His/her/your formal as an adjective to a singular noun is SU

    His suit = SU TRAJE

    Add an -s for plural nouns

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