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More Bonus Skills:

Hi everyone!

Lately I've seen many people on the forums complain about the disappearance of the Christmas Bonus Skills or simply asking the Duo Team to create more Bonus Skills.

This is not a new demand and, thus, a couple of years ago, a few Duolingo users decided to create their own bonus skills on Memrise.

The idea was that every week there'd be a new topic and thus a new Bonus skill. A normal (well, maybe experienced) Duolingo user would create a Memrise course for their language which people could then enrol in. Though the topic was given, each creator could decide what exact words in their skill were. (For example there was a skill about Countries and Cities, so this allows for more flexibility to choose the most relevant words).

There are also bonus skills languages that are not on Duolingo (such as Finnish).

Anyway, click here to see the original post explaining the user-made bonus skills. Davidvdb was the initial organiser of these bonus skills. I don't know if he's interested in/has the time to continue these, though.

There are currently already 15 bonus skills, so you got quite a few new words to learn before you'll run out of bonus skills. ;)

Merry Christmas. :)

December 25, 2017



Although I don't care so much about bonus skills anyway, I think memrise is a bad replacement for them.

First of all, it will only teach vocabulary, not how to use it. For example the first phrase I picked now was: Weather - Italian - cattivo tempo (bad weather). It doesn't tell you how to build a sentence with it. Oggi c'è cattivo tempo? Oggi il tempo è cattivo? Oggi ha cattivo tempo? Oggi fa cattivo tempo?

Also, something that really really bothers me with my Finnish course on memrise: you can't report mistakes (or I couldn't find it so far, but even if so, the owner might be inactive by now). And there will always be a typo somewhere. You need to actually retype that mistake each time or memrise will continue asking you that phrase.

Anyway it would be nicer to have all ressources in one place, so one only has to keep one tree golden instead of checking several apps each day.


It does have a lot of disadvantages, I agree but it's the best we can do.

These bonus skills are intended for people at the end of their trees, so that they already know how to build sentences.

What Finnish course on Memrise are you taking?

Memrise courses don't have an option to report mistakes by default, but if you are taking Mari's course (the Slow Finnish one, which most of the Finnish learners are taking, I believe), you can view the course forum here. Unfortunately you are right and the admins of the course are both inactive but there are lots of questions answered already anyway.


I did Suomen Mestari 1 (errors I recall because I needed to memorize the wrong word: "hätti" instead of "nätti", "vieressa" instead of "vieressä", "huomissen" instead of "huomiseen") and Yksi, kaksi, kolme 1 (many grammatical mistakes, things like "iltan" for the genitive). I do have the books to it, so it seemed like a good choice at first. I didn't know the Slow Finnish one, I'll definitely try it, thanks.

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