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All benefits of Duolingo Plus

Hello, Recently, I have been considering getting Duolingo Plus because it removes advertisements and personally, I like Duolingo. But, I was just wondering what all of the benefits of having ‘Plus’ are.

Thank you, Carter Davis

December 25, 2017



If like me you don't use the mobile apps, I think that is the only benefit.

The only other thing I think non-mobile app users get is something next to their name on their profile page and when posting in the discussions, showing they have "PLUS". This is a new thing and I've not seen it anywhere yet. Depending on what this looks like and whether there's an option to disable it, I don't know if I even want this. So this could potentially be a negative.

I think there might be some actual useful benefits to having Plus if you use the mobile apps. For me, most of the time I don't even notice the advertisements when using the website anyway. I'd be interested to know too if there're any real benefits for web users. ^^


Thank you for the information given, I think that right now, if it only removes advertisements and gives you a little ‘Plus’ tag, I may hold back and see how it develops


The 12 month subscription is usually $6.67/month, which is about $80 (£60).

Currently there's a "New Year's save 40%" offer for the 12 month subscription, but this is still $5.99/month, which is $71.88 (£53.75).

Yes, I know this doesn't make sense. Duo is being rather sneaky with how it labels this as "save 40%"...

What they've done is taken the "1 month" subscription price of $9.99 and multiplied this by twelve months to get $119.88, then used this to say there's a 40% saving going on... (This isn't incorrect, but the way they've presented it doesn't seem a cool thing to do in my opinion.)

So I wouldn't necessarily rush into the 12 month subscription under the pressure to get the attractive sounding "save 40%" offer before it's gone, because it's really only a ~10% saving off the usual 12 month subscription price. ^^;

I think Plus subscription is more for people who wish to give financial support to Duolingo, rather than to really gain anything in return.

But I don't know how much Duo makes from showing me advertisements already though... Even if I have the intention to give financial support, I can't tell how much benefit to Duo there is between me paying them directly or me just keeping the ads! If there's not all that much difference either way, and since I don't really even notice the ads, then where would be the logic in me paying out £60 a year for Plus? xD


Have you backed up your longer text?

Be aware that it might get deleted!!

Always happens to me for threads, where complete threads are DELETED (not down-voted).


PLUS allows you to use the app offline. This is the main reason for my subscription, apart from supporting Duolingo.


And do you use it personally? Tried it?

The offline function only works partly; it is not a real standalone mode. e.g No strengthen exercises can be done.

I would have been allowed to download 3+2 or 2+3 skills on the Android app, which I have not complete, or where 2 or 3 were locked / grey.

Currently it is n o t a complete 100% offline mode.

Not to mention all the bugs with app upgrades, lesson/skill re-downloads and missing "one global download button".

Check out all IOS Troubleshooting threads from TheDeeplyBroken (broken sound, app updates, re-downloads per skill, etc.).

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