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No audio when hovering?

When I hover over specific words in the Chinese course, I can't hear any audio. However, the audio works just fine when I want to play the whole sentence. Is anyone else also having this issue?

December 26, 2017



This appears to be a site-wide bug that has sprung up in the past few days. It started with the in-house languages when new voices were recently added, but now the contagion seems to have spread to everything else.


Precisely what I've noticed as well. I trust that the Duolingo team will fix the issue as soon as possible.


You have a lot more trust in the DuoLingo team than I do. I don't trust them at all, and as a matter of fact I recently cancelled my paid subscription because I was fed up with the near-complete failure to fix any of the bugs like this...and the fact that they've been introducing bugs faster than fixing them.


Duolingo isn't a huge multinational company like Google or Facebook; it has fewer than a hundred employees (which equates to one member of staff per in excess of two million users), the vast majority of whom probably won't be the people who are qualified to fix bugs in the new code. I'm sure they neither intended to create bugs nor tarry about fixing them; it is merely that the new code (which allowed DL to bring us a host of new languages which users had been requesting for years) brought with it so many bugs that they take considerable time to fix. On top of that, DL tries to improve and introduce new features which probably cause lots of new bugs (like this one). I should rather put up with transient bugs than never see DL improve and innovate.
I have noticed bugs being fixed. They certainly don't get fixed as quickly as I should like, but one must bear in mind that there is probably only a handful of people at DL working full-time to fix a large number of bugs (and fixing a single bug can be a time-consuming and complex process, depending on what is causing it). Much as I entirely appreciate your frustration, I feel that you are being a little harsh.


oh good. i thought i was going crazy.


It's happening again! I hope it stops soon. I feel unmotivated and it's making me really sad, because I was enjoying Duolingo so much. That said, perhaps I am just spoiled with the wonderful audio this program provided and if I go away and grieve losing it maybe I will be back again. I have been enjoying using Duolingo every day but I am just not seeing the benefit without it. I haven't come to the acceptance yet, and am hoping to pull through and find they fix it this time like they did last time!

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