"I am hitting the ball."

Translation:Je frappe la balle.

December 26, 2017

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"Je donne un coup dans le ballon" not accepted?


Is there shades of difference between balle ballon boule


Balle: tennis ball, baseball, golf ball, ping pong balls, and musket balls...

Ballon: rugby ball, football, basketball, soccer ball, volleyball...

Boule: billard ball, p├ętanque ball, ornament ball for a Christmas tree...

"Ballon" is typically for the largest balls played in sports. The distinction between "boule" and "balle" is much murkier.


Ballon: A large ball filled with air and that can easily bounce.
Boule: A heavy and dense ball
Balle: A ball in general.

Note that ballon and boule are both considered balle (making it a generic noun). However, we know for instance that in rugby we use un ballon, so nobody will say balle de rugby, even though technically it is une balle.


I agree! "frappe" wasn't even given as a hint?!


Now added. Thank you.

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