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Did you reach your language goals this year

now its nearly the end of the year, its time to assess: Did you reach your language goals this year? what are your goals for next year?

December 26, 2017



This year, i wanted to be able to read a entire text in german. But i was only able to understand 70%, which is good. It shows how much i still need to learn and i am happy about that.


I don't make New Year's resolutions, but during the year I've cranked up my French from about 3000 to 15000 XP, with daily practice. And I can also see the change when I read or listen to French. So, I'm pretty happy with it.


I didn't set myself specific goals but I had in my mind where I want to be on both languages (Spanish and French) and I have to be honest I am happy with where I'm at - especially with my Spanish where I've gotten higher than I ever planned to be.


I didn't plan on starting to learn another language this year so I guess you can say I have exceeded my goal for the year! Bonne Annee!


Tres magnifique! I loved how you surprised yourself this year! Have a lingot and keep up your streak.


To be honest, not really. I wanted to be able to completely understand French movies this year. That goal was very unrealistic. Thinking back, I'm actually really happy with my understand of French.


Je peux comprendre un texte maintenant en français, enfin.


I had 3 goals - out of which, completing the French tree, I gladly did. The others were to start the Reverse Tree and give the DELF exam. I realized these were clashing with other, more, important things (I am still a student - exams, college - stuff crops up); so I decided I will do them later on.

What were your goals and have you achieved them?


Je peux lire beaucoup de choses et comprendre un 60%-70% du français parlé, et aussi je peux m'exprimer et bavarder avec des natifs donc: oui, j'ai réussi dans les buts de ma langue. Et toi ?


I didn't set any, so no :)


I started up again in August and I've have about 10 more lessons to go. I have alot of none gold lessons tho. I didnt think about setting a language goal for 2018 but I think I might. I want to be able to understand more spoken French. Have a clue as to how to judge that tho. What about you? You've been at this for longer that I have. What is a realistic comprehension goal?

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