I am on a 3 day streak and my level in french is 8, but the thing will not update itself anymore. What's the problem?

December 26, 2017


That happens to me. I am level 2 in Turkish; for a while it didn't even say so. Give it a moment, it did this when I leveled up in Danish...

The higher your xp level, the more points you need to reach the next level. On your profile page (desktop version) it says you need 359 xp more to reach level 9 in French.
Xp levels:

Umm... he just said he's lvl eight...

Umm, yes? Am I maybe mistaking the - unreliable - fluency percentage for the xp level? I thought not because the xp level shows he's 8 and needs 359 more xp to reach 9?

Ah, sorry, now I see what you mean, the flags beside the name in this post show 7!
Another bug :(

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