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Conversing with fellow club members...

I joined a club hoping the competition and collaboration would boost motivation and learning progress, but cannot figure out how to get back to the club page to check other's progress and discussion threads. Am I just missing something simple or am I not alone in my frustration?

December 26, 2017



The club page is empty for me


If you "follow" the discussion (green "follow discussion" oval in top RH corner) of any discussion, new contributions come to you by email.

Otherwise, you can go to the main discussion page, and click on "followed", which whould allow you to browse back through all the discussions you have ever been a part of.


Roberto, I appreciate your many contributions to the course. In this case, when I reference the "followed" tab in the discussions dialogue, only specific lesson comments are available to see. The comments I made to club members when I joined a club were not among those listed. Thanks, but no joy...

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