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No Lingots for a Streak, bigger than 1040 days?

As I have a 1030 day Streak, I get 103 Lingots. But as I reach 1040 days, no Lingots and now 1050 day no Lingots too. Why?

December 26, 2017



It could be an A/B test again. But I still get them.


Giving lingots to you seems to be a little wacky too. I tried to give more, but after I gave 9, it was saying I only gave 3.

Talk about Christmas Spirit! It seems more like Scrooge.


Looks as if it works better now :) Comparing the lingot counter to Scrooge must have been the magic trick ;)


Tomorrow I will see it, when i get my 1060 day Streak. And I will get my 106 Lingots, I hope...


Strange. I'm over 1400 and am still getting the Lingots every 10 days, so it's not that you get cut off after 1030. I work on a laptop.


I just reached a 170 day streak but received no lingots this time.

It seems to be a recurrent problem or test. There have been posts about this for more than 3 years.

On the other hand, when i use the app, I receive lingots every day as soon as I reach my daily goal. A bit randomly since I must chose one chest among three and the content of the chest may be anywhere between 1 to 5 lingots. So, I guess it's about the same pay. But I think it's more motivating to get the lingots for every 10 day streak completed and not every day.


Today, 1060 day Streak, i get my 106 Lingots. Happy :-)


Me too, I got 18 lingots for my 180 day streak. Happy too !


Today 1070 day Streak, no Lingots :-( I use Duolingo on my cellphone as a app, is this a problem?


Tomorrow I will reach 1080, and I hope 108 Lingots. I hope...


So sad.... no Lingots...


I think I understand what happens.

If you use the app on a mobile, you get some lingots every day.

To get the lingots for a whole multiple of 10 days, you MUST use the website on the 10th day or, at least finish your daily goal on the webite.

Say today will be your 1080th day and your daily goal is 50 XP. You may use the app to get the first 40 or even 49 XP but you must use the website to get the 50th XP and close the day !


OK, thank you. I will try it when I reach 1100 (in 3 days). Hope you are right!


Did you get your 110 lingots for you 1100 days streak ?


Yes, I use the Website on my Computer and so I get it. Thank you! :-) So I will use every 10 days my computer and not the app on my mobile phone.

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