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No Lingots for a Streak, bigger than 1040 days?

As I have a 1030 day Streak, I get 103 Lingots. But as I reach 1040 days, no Lingots and now 1050 day no Lingots too. Why?

December 26, 2017



It could be an A/B test again. But I still get them.


Giving lingots to you seems to be a little wacky too. I tried to give more, but after I gave 9, it was saying I only gave 3.

Talk about Christmas Spirit! It seems more like Scrooge.


Looks as if it works better now :) Comparing the lingot counter to Scrooge must have been the magic trick ;)


Strange. I'm over 1400 and am still getting the Lingots every 10 days, so it's not that you get cut off after 1030. I work on a laptop.


I just reached a 170 day streak but received no lingots this time.

It seems to be a recurrent problem or test. There have been posts about this for more than 3 years.

On the other hand, when i use the app, I receive lingots every day as soon as I reach my daily goal. A bit randomly since I must chose one chest among three and the content of the chest may be anywhere between 1 to 5 lingots. So, I guess it's about the same pay. But I think it's more motivating to get the lingots for every 10 day streak completed and not every day.


Today, 1060 day Streak, i get my 106 Lingots. Happy :-)


Me too, I got 18 lingots for my 180 day streak. Happy too !

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