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Teach numbers in order, please

Just throwing it out there, it would be good if we could learn the numbers in order the first time we're being exposed to them. Just having them randomly thrown at me doesn't help much. Is there a way the practice questions could place them in order, instead of randomly?

December 26, 2017



Duolingo tries to teach the numbers as close to the correct order as possible, but it can never be 100% correct. This is just because of how Duolingo randomizes questions to keep things challenging.

In most Numbers skills, Lesson 1 may have numbers 1-10, Lesson 2 may have numbers 11-20 and so on. For now, it looks as if the numbers will be learned in order.

However, as Duolingo randomizes each questions, one user may start Lesson 1 with 9, while another user may start with 2.

In my opinion, I don't think it's too much of a big deal. You're still learning the numbers anyway, and what I usually do to correct this is put them in a Memrise course in order, so that way I relearn them in the correct order.

Hope this explanation helps!


Thanks for your response! I was getting frustrated during new lessons when I'm being presented the numbers in random order, even if one lesson is limited 1-10, etc. because I couldn't order them in my head. It was even more challenging when I'm being presented with something like "translate _" and it's 158—but I haven't even gotten 8 down. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I'll check out Memrise! Thank you!


Duolingo doesn't have this, but you could look up the numbers on another site.

For example - https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/numbers-in-spanish-0-100 or https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/cardnum1

Once you've read the article on spanishdict or similar you can then use duolingo to revise.

p.s. oops, just noticed you posted to duolingo and not just Spanish! French here https://blogs.transparent.com/french/french-numbers-learn-how-to-count-from-1-to-1000/ and Turkish https://www.omniglot.com/language/numbers/turkish.htm

As a bonus, for the French numbers in Switzerland and Belgium without the French habit of using twenties - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7585649/Differences-between-Swiss-French-Belgian-French-Qu%C3%A9b%C3%A9cois-French In Swiss french it's a bit easier, because 70 = Septante, 80 = Huitante and 90 = Nonante.


Thank you! I'll check out the links.


I recomend you to go to www.loecsen.com. For every language, there is a lesson teaching the numbers in ascending order and how to combine them.

Here is the link to spanish from english:



ok , there is also another Duolingo resource that is really good for this.
I notice you are quite advanced in French, Spanish and Turkish.

There is one I have made in tiny cards for Spanish.

This is the easy one:


This is the harder one:


While tiny cards shuffle the cards around a bit, it can be more engaging for your learning for this to occur.

And I will continue to add to these two decks.

I intend to also port them to a deck for French, which will also have audio.

And ideally onto all these other languages that audio is currently offered for in tinycards.
Catalan Danish Dutch English German Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Swedish Turkish Welsh

However I have not yet done this.
Or maybe someone else has already done this that you notice. For myself, I like to have the audio connected up, as it assists my real language learning, to be able to listen and speak, and not be so limited to reading.

Or perhaps when you look in tinycards, you may come across a number deck that you might like to recommend to me. I would appreciate that.


I just took it upon myself to learn to count to a trillion. Many people have listed resources that would help you. You really only need to know about 30 numbers and learn the patterns. It really did not take much time to learn , just a little practice. After that , the DL questions just became a refresher.


It is not a practice question if the numbers are in given in order, is it?


I want to add that numbers or counting is the first thing I study in a language after having learned to say "Hello", "Thank you", etc.

Believe me : understanding and telling numbers is of outmost importance when you travel :

  • gate at the airport
  • flight number
  • platform at the train
  • bus line
  • room at the hotel
  • quantities and prices on the market
  • time

You have to understand or say phrases like :

  • "train .... 4:15.... platform 6"
  • "flight.... 1234 ... budapest... gate 14"
  • "hotel ... bus 12 ... 6 stops

before being able to say :

  • "hello my name is Hubinou, I come from Belgium. I am a tourist, I like your country very much"
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