Hi Guys,

So trying to learn German here. I have learnt my are to some extent like: Du Bist Sie sind

but when it comes to Seid - I understand its supposed to be used with Ihr but to further enhance my understanding, is it used without Seid - any examples?

Danke Ali

December 26, 2017


Hi Ali, I‘m not sure I have understood your question correctly but here you are:

‚du‘ = you, used in an informal way, among friends . For example: ‚du bist verrückt‘ = you are crazy

‚Sie‘ (with capital letter) = you, in a formal, polite context. For example: Sie sind Arzt = you are (a) doctor

‚ihr‘ = you, when there is more than one person. Sometimes translated as „you all“ For example: ihr seid zu spät: you (all) are too late

Bist, sind and seid are all forms of the verb ‚sein‘, which means ‚to be‘. In English all three are translated as ‚are‘.

Hope this helps

Ihr seid traurig, gluecklich, verrueckt, willkommen, use an adjective of your choice.

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