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"Hledáme parkoviště poblíž divadla."

Translation:We are looking for a parking lot near the theater.

December 26, 2017



Can "parkoviště" also mean a single parking spot? If not, what do you call a single parking spot? If yes, then please accept "We are looking for a parking spot near the theater."


Parkoviště is a parking lot. A parking spot is parkovací místo or more formal parkovací stání.


Why isn't "We are looking for a parking near the theater." accepted (i.e. without "lot") Many people use just "parking", dispensing with the "lot".


"We are looking for A PARKING near the theater" would not normally be used. "We are looking for PARKING near the theater," on the other hand, certainly would be. But I will leave it up to the Czech natives on the team to decide whether that translation accurately reflects the Czech original.


To what extent is parking a noun meaning a carpark and to what extent the abstract concept or process (parkování)?


For me, 'parking" is more the general concept or process than it is a carpark. But, at least in the US, "looking for parking" is very often used as shorthand for "looking for a parking lot/parking space." Hope this helps some...


According to the Cambridge Dictionary of English, "parking" is "the act of parking, or the spaces in which cars are parked" (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/parking). I am not a native English speaker, but I use it for ~80% of my communication needs and, honestly, I haven't seen nor heard the expression "parking lot" in a long long time. It's either parking or carpark, with or without definite/indefinite articles.


Notice that it is "we offer free parking" and not "a free parking" in the example there.


Unless times have changed a lot, "parking lot" and "parking garage" are common in the US -- along with just "parking" -- while "carpark" is rare. But I digress.

I would expect an article to be used with everything other than just "parking." As in, "I'm looking for A/THE parking lot/parking garage/carpark near the (whatever)" -- but just "I'm looking for parking near the (whatever)."

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