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New Duolingo Feature

Hi! I think it would be great if Duolingo could provide a fun language game to keep us motivated. What do you think? Also, using coins to play games and stuff?

March 17, 2013



Or open up a basic API so developers can create fun games with duolingo providing the backend.


That sounds good. Also if it were possible to be able to print out the names of items both in the language you are learning and the mother tongue, you would be able to place them on particular object for example the name of a table, chair etc. what I mean printable flashcards!


I've been meaning to get duolingo masterminds and these brilliant (free) flashcard developers together: http://insidestoryflashcards.com/printable_flashcards/index.php. I've already been assigning the flashcards as translation homework to my students, and then we'd have a place to upload the translations! Duolingo is a fantastic program for learning the mechanics of language in a fun way, but it's a little sparse on vocabulary expanding options. More matching games with great visuals would be a perfect development! THANK YOU!!!!


Yes! Exactly! Could you do me a favor? Can you tell all your friends on Duolingo this link? I want everyone involved so I can make this happen! I already asked the Duolingo Staff and they said for me to start this discussion so they will know what other Duolingo users think. Thanks!


I would be totally up for that. Would be a nice motivation to work towards a game. Or, you could use the coins you earn to play the game, like in a slot machine.


I LOVE that idea! using the coins to play a game! that would give the coins a reason as well as a goal to push toward while practicing lessons!


I think that is a really good idea. It wouldn't even need to be anything fancy so long as it's fun to play and helps us with our language skills.


Awesome idea! I support it ;D


Yes, it's a great idea!


That would be cool if a very basic vocabulary/grammar game was made, similar to how I learned typing from some typing games a long time ago. We should also get to play with the Duo the owl!


The more options of ways to practice the better!


i think it would be greatt!! :))


It would be a fun way to learn and it could be for all languages


I love Duolingo. I've been telling language teacher I know about it. I was wondering if there is any way to create groups among "my friends?" I am enrolling students in my Spanish class, and I would like to group them by class if possible. I am going to check in with them every 2 weeks to see their progress, asking them to get a certain number of points per week. My students didn't want to leave the lab because they were having so much fun with Duolingo. Thank you for such a great website & app.


great idea. I would definitely use it

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